There are some things you can only learn in a storm.

Bio: Just a free spirit; a jack of all trades a master of none. I’ve never been a great story teller; I’m JUST okay at it and laughably so. I just tend to get excited about the story and don’t lay down the details in the right way or order or it always sounds so much funnier or brilliant in my head, but the moment it’s told or written down it’s like the picture in my head wasn’t painted using the same palate of colors and the story dims. When I tell a story I want to get to the punch line or the lesson right out and bask in it with whomever I’m telling the story to. I’ve always envied those who can paint a picture using words to transport us to another place or time or putting us into someone else’s life and story; to take us out of our own realities and ignite our imaginations. I’m going to tell you right now, I am not that kind of writer, I wish I was, but I know me and I’ll get over excited and get the punch line wrong. However I read a blog the other day that reminded me that not only is it cathartic for the author to tell their story but also for those lost souls who are looking for someone to relate to to read it or hear it. Someone who faces the ugliness, the brilliance, the harsh truth, the wondrous joy, and every emotion and feeling in-between that life throws at us. So although I’m an utterly terrible writer also horribly embarrassingly awful grammatically but I’ll promise to be beautifully and horribly honest in the renderings of my life and the stories that NEED to be told and I apologize ahead of time if you notice my cringe worthy grammatical errors.

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